Rhode Island Reports

Small but mighty headlines.

Great, now I’m hungry.

You’d think that maybe the little community paper would at least understand that these are two separate cities, but no.

Welcome to Rhode Island, where our front page news was front page news everywhere else fifteen years ago.

Congratulations, Red Sox Nation!

I think you’re missing a word.

I don’t see why those two have to be mutually exclusive.

Monty Python or Dexter reference? Or neither?

Asking the tough questions.

it’s not that i’ve abandoned you, it’s just that there have been no entertaining headlines in the news lately.

until now.

i just flipped past the news on the tv and saw that they were reporting on "nudity week" at brown university.

so, the news continues to be interesting in rhode island. please, never change.

A little late but congratulations, Rhode Island!